The first post

"Passionate!", The ultimate answer I always give ,without thinking twice, whenever I am asked to describe myself in one word, anything else about me comes second....

I am Gihad, a sister, daughter, friend, Arab young self-published writer, and a computer science grad student taking her first steps as a researcher. I live now in Istanbul, the mystical city where East meets West, but I am originally from Egypt.

So yeah! this is me and here is my blog. Since this is not my only blog, and those who know me as an Arabic literature blogger might get confused, here I will be writing the thoughts of the other side of me "The computer science geeky girl". Here I will post my commentaries on books and papers I read, might open topics for discussion, or write notes about seminars and sessions I attend.

Here I will be sharing a "bit" of me, so stay tuned!


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